Thanks for Visting


Thanks for checking out my web site.  I have been a massage therapist for 25 years, how the time goes by. I studied manual therapies with the Institute of Integral Health founded by Lauren Berry. After seven years of study I was certified as a practitioner and completed my teaching certification the following year (2000).

Then I met Gayle MacDonald author of Massage for People with Cancer in 2003, definitely a life changing event! After four years of study and many supervised sessions I completed my oncology massage certification at the Scherer Institute in Santa Fe NM and became a teacher of oncology massage with Gayle's group Oncology Massage Education Associates. I have had the opportunity to teach in the states and abroad. The courses and dates I teach are on this site.

In my current practice I have an office in the Providence Cancer Center where I work with folks in all stages of the cancer experience. I provide comfort based massage for those going through treatment, scar tissue work for those working towards their new normal and manual lymph drainage for clients experiencing lymphedema.

In my other life I am an anatomist for the School of Medicine  in Anchorage Alaska.

I have combined all these elements and mindfulness meditation to support whatever a client might need in the moment.  A place of healing, stillness and sanctuary.